Covid-19 vaccine exemption pass: what can you do if you cannot take Covid test or get vaccinated?

Covid-19 Vaccine Exemption Pass

NHS Covid Pass exemption card

Now more freedoms can be enjoyed as most Covid restrictions have been eased across the UK and almost 39 million people have been fully vaccinated. However, in order to gain access to numerous public spaces and services, you must now have an NHS pass to show that you have been inoculated, tested negative for Covid-19, or are immune to it.

What should individuals do if they are unable to get vaccinated or tested because of clinical reasons? Here, we clarify who is absolved from using the pass, how to get into places if you are, and how our new NHS Covid Pass exemption card helps.

With the lifting of limitations, we may return to some kind of normalcy, visiting bars, clubs, and hotels, attending concerts, festivities, and cinemas, and even travelling overseas.

However, in order to gain access to many of these spaces and services, you will need to show proof of your vaccination status, having tested negative within the past 48 hours, or having viral immunity. To do this, the government has developed the NHS Covid Pass application.

However, some persons are unable to get vaccinated or tested due to medical reasons, such as being immunocompromised and hence unable to get vaccinated or having a cognitive condition that makes testing uncomfortable.

“In case you are exempt, you must self-declare your clinical exemption straightforwardly to personnel upon entry”

A computerized solution is presently being developed to allow persons with a clinical exemption to use the NHS Covid Pass to demonstrate their Covid-19 status.

List of UK Covid-19 vaccine exemption?

In rare cases, individuals are unable to confirm their Covid-19 status by vaccination or testing. This might involve the following:

  • Individuals with learning difficulties, autistic people, or a mix of impairments that cause the same suffering.
  • Individuals who have or are being treated for acute or chronic severe illnesses.
  • Patients getting palliative care
  • Individuals who are receiving therapy with unfavorable side effects.
  • Immunocompromised individuals (i.e., people having weak immune systems).

Visiting places if you are exempted to be vaccinated or tested

If you are exempted to be vaccinated or tested for Covid-19 but wish to attend events and places that need the NHS Covid Pass, you can self-declare your clinical exemption. Staff ought not to request proof of exemption.

Event organizers in UK who wish to make the NHS Covid Pass mandatory at entrance may accept self-declared clinical exemptions as long as they follow the Equalities ACT 2010.

You are free to provide a visible indication to demonstrate that you are claiming a clinical exception from testing and inoculation, which all staff should respect.

You don’t need to wear a visible cue indicating that you are exempt, nor are you forced to show your Covid-19 status via the NHS App.

NHS Covid Pass exemption card

If you have an impairment or a medical issue that fits under one of the above-mentioned categories, you can self-announce as being exempt – you don’t need to show evidence.

To make you feel more at ease, we’ve prepared an exemption card for individuals we have a legitimate reason not to be inoculated or tested for Covid-19.

Our NHS Covid Pass exemption card is available with a lanyard or badge clip. It is a long-lasting, portable pass that may be worn around your neck or fastened to your jacket or top when entering a location.

It offers fast and simple information about your vaccination exemption to staff and people around you.

There is no legal obligation to wear a lanyard or show any type of exemption, but our card will provide you with a simple and quick way of communicating your clinical exemption.

The ID, badge clip, and lanyard’s pocked design allows it to be stowed in your coat or backpack, making it easy to reach and wear around your collar or pin to you.

Now is the time to get your NHS Covid Pass exemption card on a lanyard or as a badge to ensure you’re protected when you attend events or visit locations.

Please keep in mind that these cards are ONLY for those who have a legitimate cause for not being able to be inoculated or test. You may be denied entrance to locations if you don’t have a valid cause.


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